Welcome to The Centre for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship

The effects of technology on the environment, jobs, educational needs, global competitiveness and society in general is a concern for many. We are convinced that in managing the multiple effects of technology on the workplace and society a great deal of entrepreneurial and innovative thinking will have to take place, hence the "E" for entrepreneurship in our name.

The Centre's focus is the Canadian Financial Services Industry ("FSI"). This robust, world class, services industry is one of the fundamental strengths of the Canadian economic fabric. Members of this industry rely almost completely on the effective use of computers and communications systems in their core business activities. As other industries have in the past, the firm in the FSI has undergone substantial change during the 90's and this will continue well into the next millennium.

To meet global competition, the members of this industry need to conduct research into what technology they will require to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to ensure that continuous productivity improvements are realized while customer satisfaction and loyalty grows. The TD Canada Trust, RBC Financial Group, BMO Financial Group and Bell Canada have recognized the need for the potential benefits of research activity in this area and became sponsors of our work. But, just as important, these major firms provide their operations as "laboratories" for the research carried out by the Centre.

The Centre is multidisciplinary in nature and we collaborate with other units in the University of Toronto and comparable institutions abroad. For instance, the Faculty of Management and the Centre for International Studies are partners in our work. In this way, we have access to all sources of information and our researchers can collaborate with Principal Investigators in these and other disciplines.

We are all enthusiastic about the work of the Centre and its future appears to be bright. Our main source of success will be our people. Therefore, we will undertake the utmost effort to attract the brightest and most promising students, research fellows and professors to carry out our mandate.

J.C. Paradi
Executive Director and Professor
Centre for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship


Last Updated: September 8, 2008 11:28 AM